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 Screenshot instruction is from here

  1. Go to

Below is the top page once you access the above URL.

  1. Click the “SignUp” button.
  2. Fill in the below form and click “Request Account”.
  1. After clicking “Request Account”, it shows the “Success!” screen and a request is sent by email to the BV team. If you click the “OK” button on the “Success” screen, it will return you to the login page.

Note: For this verification process, it is not automatically approved by the system. Thus, it takes approximately 2-3 business days for your account to be approved by the BV team.


  1. After submitting, you will receive an automatic reply indicating that the form has been successfully sent to BV for verification, similar to below.



 Screenshot instruction is from here

  1. After your account is approved, enter the Portal using your new sign in credentials.

  2. Click the “Login” button
  1. Type your “Username” and “Password”
  2. Once successfully logged in, you will arrive at the top page, My Portal:

Congratulations! You have susscessfully logged into the Portal system.


 Screenshot instruction is from here

  1. Click either;
    1. The “My Portal” > “EnergyStar Certification Center” > “My EnergyStar Applications” menu item, or
    2. Click either of the “EnergyStar Certification Center” buttons and then click the “My applications” button on the next page.
  2. Your applications dashboard will be empty the first time you log in.

You have the ability to save work-in-progress applications to your dashboard. These will be applications that have not been submitted to Bureau Veritas for review and are open to full editing by you. This may be useful when you have some, but not all, of the information needed to submit a completed application and you wish to enter it but not submit it.

These applications also have the ability to preview a draft certificate, which will have as much information on it as you’ve filled in on the form. You can also delete any application from this area at your wish, and it won’t affect any other applications whether unsubmitted or in review.

These are applications that have been submitted to Bureau Veritas and are under review by the certification team. Since they have been submitted, they are locked from editing unless a certification staff member has flagged an issue for you to edit. This is covered later in this manual.

The representation of a submitted application allows you to see at what step in the process the certification team is with your application. The various steps are covered later in this manual.


When planning on being away from the application input screen, be sure to first click the  button to save your work.

If no actions are performed on a screen for over 30 minutes, the session will either be automatically terminated and any work in progress will be terminated or an error message may appear. Clicking the “Save” button will save your workload without the risk of error.


  1. Click either;
    1. The “My Portal” > “EnergyStar Certification Center” > “Start New EnergyStar Application” menu item, or
    2. Click either of the “EnergyStar Certification Center” buttons and then click the “Start new application” button on the next page.
  2. The “Start New EnergyStar Application” page appears.
  3. The “Energy Star Manufacturing Partner” field is a lookup field, which means that you can start typing in either the name of the partner or their partner organization ID, and the top 100 items matching will be listed. Keep typing until you find the partner you want.
  4. Select from the “Available Energy Star Schemas” in the dropdown list
  5. Click the "NEXT" button
Your current working models will not save until you click "SAVE CURRENT MODEL"

If a new application is left open and no actions are performed for over 30 minutes, the session will be automatically terminated and any unsaved data will be erased. Please go to the bottom of the “EDIT APPLICATION DETAILS” page and click on “SAVE CURRENT MODEL” often. This will save your current working submission without the risk of loss.

You can be sure that your model has been saved when you see the “Model has been saved.” confirmation message at the bottom of the screen:

Below are the contents of the full application details page:

ENERGY STAR Manufacturing Partner

The Home Depot [31912]


Indoor and Indoor/Outdoor Directional Luminaires v2.2

v  Comment is marked as red color with bold font

v  Example answer is highlighted as yellow color

v  Additional notes are highlighted as gray color


·         Partner Contact Name for This Model - John Smith

·         Model Name - LED recessed lighting kit

·         Model Number - 1234567890

·         Retail Number 9876543210 – This is a new field and it does not reflect on the certification PDF file.  It will be added to the QPL under “Additional Notes”.

·         Brand Name - Commercial Electric

·         Tested Model Name -  LED recessed lighting kit

·         Tested Model Number - AP-US-LPAGG1-C7A12W950-CSFCW22-01

·         Is the Partner Listed the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?
Select from Yes or No - No

·         If the Partner is not the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Who Is? – SamIam Electric Co., LTD

·         Currently Available on Market? – Select from Yes or No - Yes

·         Date Available on Market – 9/20/2020

·         Final Report #  - 0000000001 – This is a new field and appears as “Report Number” on the certification PDF.

·         Final Report Issue Date - 10/1/2020 - This is a new field and appears as “Issue Date” on the certification PDF.

·         Date Tested - 08/27/2020

·         Laboratory's EPA-issued Organization ID – 1141964




·         Laboratory Contact for this Model - Tom Smith – Also you can add additional names by clicking


Continued on the next page…


·         In What Markets Is this Model Sold? – Select from below checkbox (multiple choice)


New Zealand







United States


·         Notes - Blank

·         Product Type – Select from Indoor Non-Directional Luminaire Indoor/Outdoor Non-Directional Luminaire or SSL Surface Mount Retrofit - Directional Luminaire

·         Indoor/Outdoor – Select from Outdoor Luminaire – Indoor Directional Luminaire

·         Qualification Status – Select from Conditional Qualification, Full Qualification – Full Qualification (6000hrs testing)

·         Date Fully Qualified – Blank - It takes 6000 hrs to be fully tested so the answer is “blank” if full testing has not occurred at the time of the form being filled out.



Continued on the next page…

·         Tested Voltage(V) – Select from below (multiple choice):

12 AC

12 DC

24 AC

24 DC





·         Reported Voltage (V) – Select from below (multiple choice):






·         Lighting Technology - Select from LED or Fluorescent – LED

·         Directional Luminaire Type - Select from below (multiple choice):

Accent Light Line-voltage

Accent Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Downlight Recessed

Downlight Pendant

Downlight Surface Mount


Downlight Solid State Retrofit

Under Cabinet

Inseparable SSL - Other

Cove Mount

Outdoor Security



·         Inseparable SSL Luminaire Type - Blank

·         Inseparable SSL Luminaire Description - Blank

·         Source Type – Select from Compact Fluorescent, Circline or LED Light Engine - Inseparable LED Source (modules, arrays, packages)

·         Light Source Model Number - BXEN-27E-11M-39A

·         Light Source Manufacturer – ABC123 Inc

·         Light Source has Integrated Driver – Select from Yes, No or N/A - Yes

·         ANSI Standard Lamp Shape - Select from the below list:


Continued on the next page…



·         ANSI Standard Base Type - Select from below list:

·         ANSI Standard Base Type Other - Blank

·         External Ballast/Driver Manufacturer - Blank

·         External Ballast/Driver Model Number -  Blank

·         Number of Light Sources per Ballast/Driver - 1

·         Number of Light Sources per Luminaire - 1

·         Number of Ballasts/Drivers per Luminaire - 1

·         Claimed Incandescent Equivalency (W) - Blank

·         Measured Input Power (W) – 11.39

·         Default Setting Input Power (W) – 11.39

·         Most Consumptive Setting Input Power (W) – 11.39

·         Reported Input Power (W) - 12

·         Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) – 75.4

·         Measured Source Light Output (lm) - 858

·         Default Setting Source Output (lm) – 858

Continued on the next page…

·         Reported Source Light Output (lm) - 800

·         Lumen Output of Individual Light Source (lm) - 858

·         Wattage of Individual Light Source (W) – 11.39

·         Luminaire Zonal Lumen Density – 0.78

·         Light Source Life (hours) - 50000

·         Lumen Maintenance Fluorescent - Blank

·         Lumen Maintenance SSL Option 1: L70 Based on LM-80 and TM-21 - 60000

·         Lumen Maintenance SSL Option 2: L70 Based on LM-84 and TM-28 - Blank

·         Color Rendering Index (CRI) - 97

·         Color Rendering Index (CRI) at Default Setting – 97

·         Color Rendering Index (CRI) at Most Consumptive Setting - 97

·         R9 Rendering Score - 92


·         Nominal Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) - Select from below  (multiple choice):







·         Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) - 4851

·         Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) at Default Setting - 4851

·         Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) at Most Consumptive Setting - 4851

·         Color Maintenance Requirements: Change in Chromaticity – 0.003

·         Color Angular Uniformity – 0.002

·         Mercury Content (mg) - Blank

·         Source Start Time (milliseconds) - 245

·         Source Run-up Time (seconds) - Blank

·         Power Factor – 0.97

·         Standby Power – Select from Yes or No – Yes –

·         Standby Power Consumption (W) – 0.2

·         Operating Frequency (Hz) - 1000

·         Flicker: NEMA 77 Short Term Flicker Indicator (Pst) – 4.31

·         Flicker: NEMA 77 Stroboscopic Visibility Measure (SVM) – 1.91

·         Maximum Recommended Ballast/Driver Case Temperature (°C) -  90

·         Maximum Measured Ballast/Driver Case Temperature (°C) – 57.4

·         Additional Allowable Light Source Manufacturer - Blank

·         Additional Allowable Light Source Model Number - Blank

·         Additional Allowable Ballast or Driver Supply Manufacturer – Blank

·         Additional Allowable Ballast or Driver Supply Model Number - Blank

·         Subcomponent Data Source – Select from CSD, Test Report or Combination - Test Report


Continued on the next page…

·         Luminaire Features  - Select from below (multiple choice):

·         Connected Luminaire – Select from Yes or No - No

·         Communication Standard - Media/Network Layer - Select from below checkbox (multiple choice)

·         Communication Standard - Media/Network Layer Other – Blank

·         Recessed Downlight Ratings –

·         Recessed Downlight Aperture Size (in) –

·         Displayed Luminaire Notes - Blank






Once you finish entering the first model, you can add additional models by clicking the “Save & Add Another Model” button at the bottom of the page

After clicking the “Save & Add Another Model” button, the screen will scroll back to the top with two confirmation messages that your data has been successfully saved. All data from the previous model is left in the fields so that you only have to update the fields that change for the new model.

If you accidentally clicked the “Save & Add Another Model” button, don’t worry, the new model’s data has not been saved yet. To undo, simply click on a previously saved model using the model menu below.

If your application has multiple models, you can view them via the model menu at top right of the screen:


Then you can click on them to switch between different models:

You can remove models by clicking the “X” button next to the brand name in the menu above. Please note that the first model (the “representative model”) cannot be removed, only changed.




  1. Add supporting exhibits using the “File Upload” section at the bottom of the page. To do this, simply drag and drop one or more files on to the drop area.
  2. The files will show in the upload queue and will need exhibit types assigned to each file before they can upload.
  3. You can either upload files individually with the “Upload” button on each row, or you can upload all your files at once with the “Upload All” button at the bottom.
  4. Once all your files are uploaded, they will show as files attached. If you uploaded a file that you later don’t want attached to the application, simply click the “Remove” button for the file you want removed:
  5.  Once the form is complete, click and the “Confirm Application Details” page will appear.

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