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About Certified Products


Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc's Certification system maintains an Impartiality Committee open to all concerned parties which participates in development of the practices of the Body.  Contact to join the committee.


Complimentary copies to Officials and Authorities

We are pleased to make complimentary copies of this directory available to local, state and federal jurisdictional authorities, trade and professional associations, and the organizations listed herein. Fax your request for additional individual copies to 978-486-8828. Be sure to include your name, jurisdiction, association or firm and address and telephone number.

In this directory are Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc. Certified products.

To verify a product listing, please call 978-486-8880 or click "Search the Directory" link above left. 

Inquiries regarding the information presented in this directory should be directed to:


Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc.

One Distribution Center Circle,

Suite #1

Littleton ,  MA   01460

Phone:  978-486-8880

Fax:  978-486-8828    




Product certification is a multi-step process. Typically, one or more samples of the product are submitted for testing against a widely recognized standard appropriate to the product and the locale where it is to be marketed or installed. The number of samples is determined by the standard and the test protocols it contains.

Once it is ascertained that the product complies with the requirements of the standard, applicants (who may be the manufacturer, an importer, a retailer, or other party) sign an agreement that allows for product audits. If variances are discovered, an assessment is made as to whether they are significant and if the product requires full or partial re-testing.

Upon satisfactory completion evaluation, authorization to market the product is issued in the form of a certificate and the product is eligible to be "listed" in the Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc. Directory of Certified Products. Reference to the certification may also be made in product documentation, sales literature, advertising and retail materials, upon receipt of written approval from Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc...


Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc. provides Certification Services for Safety, Radio, Telecommunications, and Energy Efficiency for electrical products against national and international standards. Products contained in this directory are certified by Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc.

Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc. has been accredited by ANSI and the SCC as an ISO Guide 65 compliant Certification Body. Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc. has been accepted as a Conformity Assessment Body by the European Commission, Industry Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, as a Telecommunications Certification Body by the US Federal Communications Commission and a Recognized Certification Body for ENERGY STAR by the US Environmental Protection Agency.


The information contained in this directory reflects certifications as of June 10, 2002. New certifications are issued and revisions made to those listed herein continuously. The only evidence of Certification is the signed certificate produced by the participant and any markings required under the specific program. Listings in this directory are presented by certification program and within each program, company names are arranged alphabetically. An alphabetical index of company names is provided at the back of this directory. If you have questions concerning the status of a specific certified company or model number, please call the Certification Manager at 978-486-8880.


A prospective applicant desiring an evaluation and certification of its product should call 978-486-8880. A description of the product that specifies product type, function, size or rating should be included. Based on the submitted information, a proposal outlining the scope of the evaluation that will be performed in accordance with the applicable standard(s) will be prepared and forwarded to the applicant.  The applicant may accept the proposal by submitting a formal application for certification on the forms supplied by Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc..

The Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc. certification body obtains financial support from participants in the program. Fees are set by the executive committee of Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc.. All participants are charged the same fee proportional to the scope of work regardless of the number of certificates issued.

Depending on the source of the technical data supporting the application for certification, a sample of the product may need to be submitted for audit testing.


Upon successful completion of the investigation of the product, a Certification Agreement is executed by the applicant and Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc..   The applicant agrees to submit a sample to Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Inc. for audit testing when requested.    Procedure for handling complaints, appeals and disputes is available upon request.

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