Regulatory Compliance Testing for the Electrical & Electronics Industry
Welcome to the Bureau-Veritas Consumer Product Services Customer Portal
Bureau-Veritas Consumer Product Services, a subsidiary of Bureau Veritas, was founded on the belief that testing laboratories must offer professionalism, accuracy, and reliability in a client friendly atmosphere. Our team strives to provide precise, consistent and impartial testing, expert design advice and expeditious, thorough reporting. Our products are drawn from such fields as medical devices, information technology equipment from PCs to home alarms, peripherals, and industrial control systems.
Bureau-Veritas Consumer Product Services as a certification body does not offer or provide consultancy (the designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining or distributing of a certified product or product to be certified) to its clients.
The Bureau-Veritas Consumer Product Services Customer Portal features allow users to create, edit and track certification applications and their related information and documents.
Manage Applications
Create and Edit your certification applications on-demand.
Monitor Certifications
Track and preview all certifications within your account.
Manage Uploads
Ensure your files are up-to-date for the certification process.

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